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PAM8403 2 Channel * 3 Watt Audio Power Amplifier Module with Volume Control Pot

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This miniature PAM8403 module is a 3W, class-D stereo audio amplifier. It offers low THD+N, allowing it to achieve high-quality sound reproduction, all in a form factor about the size of a US postage stamp. It can operate from a 5V USB power supply or batteries, and includes a power switch and volume control potentiometer for ease of use.

It can be used in any DIY design requiring a miniature audio amplifier, especially portable and mobile applications operating on battery power.


  • Can use the computer USB port, USB power bank or a mobile phone charger to supply the 5V support power. Battery power can also be used.
  • High efficiency: 90%
  • Provides 3W (left channel) + 3W (right channel) output power into a 4Ω speaker load and 5V power supply
  • CMOS class D amplifier design for high efficiency and low cost
  • Noise-canceling circuit built into the amplifier board
  • Power on / off without popping noise
  • Integrated power switch and volume control (turn knob fully counter-clockwise to turn off)
  • The module has short-circuit current protection, under-voltage lockout and over-temperature protection (shuts down at an internal temperature of 140C +/- 15C)


  • Operating voltage: 2.5V-5.5V
  • Speaker Load: 4-8 Ohms
  • Size: 29 x 20 x 12.5 mm (L x W x H);  29 x 35 x 12.5 including volume control knob


Left and right channel “negative” connections should not be connected together, otherwise, it may damage the module. Speakers (load) should be connected before power is applied to the module.

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