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LM317T 5-35VDC / 5-22VAC to 1-34VDC Step-Down Linear Regulator Converter Module

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LM317T 5-35VDC / 5-22VAC to 1-34VDC Step Down Linear Regulator Converter ModuleThis LM317T regulator module converts an input DC voltage from 5V to 35V, or an AC input voltage from 5V to 22V, to 5V to 34V DC output voltage, continuously variable by means of the onboard multi-turn potentiometer.

It lets you use those surplus computer and wall plug power supplies as an adjustable source of clean DC power for electronics, radios, and other equipment. Simply connect the power supply input to the input of the regulator, and adjust the regulator’s output to your desired voltage using the onboard potentiometer. The large 1000uF input filter capacitor reduces output ripple, noise, and interference, removing most of the “hash” noise created by common switching wall warts and laptop power supplies.

For example, a 19V computer power supply can be used to create a clean, regulated, adjustable DC power source with output from a few volts to about 16V.

The module also features an input rectifier bridge facilitating AC as well as DC input.

LM317T Voltage Regulator Module Specifications

  • Input voltage range – DC: 5V – 35V
  • Input voltage range – AC: 5V – 22V
  • A PCB-mounted LED illuminates when an input voltage is applied
  • Output voltage range: 1V – 34V * (continuously adjustable with onboard potentiometer)
  • Maximum continuous output current: 600mA when the difference between the input and output voltage is less than 10V;
    When the voltage difference is more than 10V, please ensure that the output current is <400mA
  • Operating temperature range: 0C to 100C, at higher ambient temperatures or higher output current, active cooling such as forced air may be required
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 25mm (28mm including heatsink) x 25mm / 2in x 1in x 1in (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 24 grams

* This is a step-down regulator, therefore the input voltage must be at least ~2.5V greater than the output voltage.

LM317T Voltage Regulator Module Operation

  1. Connect the input AC or DC power supply to the terminal block labeled “AC”. For DC input, the polarity does not matter as the voltage is rectified in the first stage. The LED labeled “LED1” should illuminate.
  2. Connect a voltmeter to the output terminal block labeled “GND” and “V+”. Set the output voltage to the desired level using the on-board multi-turn potentiometer.
  3. Disconnect or turn off the input power, connect your load to the “GND” and “V+” terminal block, and reapply the input voltage.
  4. Monitor the operation to ensure that the output current does not exceed its maximum specification and that the heatsink does not become excessively hot. If so, take steps to reduce the output current and/or to provide additional cooling such as a fan.

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