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AMS1117 5V Out 6V to 12V In DC-DC Linear Voltage Regulator Module

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AMS1117 3.3V Out 4.5V to 12V In DC-DC Linear Voltage Regulator Module DatasheetPower this step-down power regulator module with any voltage from 6V to 12V, and it generates a fixed output voltage of 5.0V at up to 1000mA current.

This module is ideal for regulating 6V, 9V or 12V battery voltage down to the 5.0V level required by many electronic circuits.


  • Input: 6V to 12V DC on + and – terminals
  • Output: 5.0V at 1000mA maximum current, output terminals,
    limited by power dissipation * 
  • Dimensions: 1″ L x 0.44″ W x 0.13″ H (25mm x 10mm x 3mm)
  • A PCB-mounted LED illuminates when voltage is applied to the module

Operation: Connect input DC voltage to Vin + and – connections. Verify output voltage with a voltmeter before connecting to your load. Operating voltage and current should not exceed the device’s maximum power dissipation.

* The AMS1117 voltage regulator used in this module is a linear voltage regulator and can get very hot when dissipating higher currents with larger voltage drops. The actual maximum output current is limited by the power dissipation ability of the device. See the Safe Operating Area (SOA) curve below, and for more details see this application note:

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