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150W 10-32V In 12-35V Out 6A DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter Power Supply Module

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150W 10-32V In 12-35V Out 6A DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter Power Supply ModuleThis versatile DC-DC boost power supply/Voltage converter module steps up any input voltage from 10V to 32V to any output voltage from 12V to 35V at up to 150W output power  (100W without forced air cooling) and 6A current.

It is especially useful for automotive 12V applications, where standard 12V battery power can be boosted to 19V for use as a laptop computer power supply, or to 18V or 24V for other applications requiring higher voltages.

Module Specifications:

  • Type: Non-isolated step-up power conversion module
  • Input voltage: 10-32V on IN+ and IN- screw terminals
  • Output Voltage: 12V-35V Continuously adjustable on OUT+ and OUT- screw terminals
    (Output voltage must be greater than input voltage)
  • Output Voltage Adjustment: Multi-turn Potentiometer
  • Output Current:  6A Maximum (Also see the maximum Output Power below, at higher output voltages the current must be limited so you do not exceed the maximum output power rating) 
  • Maximum Output Power: Natural cooling 100W (MAX), with forced-air 150W (MAX)
  • No-load current: Typical 25mA
  • Conversion efficiency: 94% (Measured with input = 16V, output = 19V 2.5A)
  • Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40C to + 85C) If the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, derate power or use a cooling fan. Temperature rise at full power is 45C
  • Short circuit protection: None, please use caution to protect the module from overcurrent
  • Input reverse polarity protection: None, please use a diode in series with the input to protect against input reverse polarity
  • Indicators: On-board LED illuminates when voltage is applied to the module
  • Size: 65mm x 46.5mm (including heatsinks) x 23mm (2.56in x 1.8in x 0.9in)
  • Weight: 64 grams


  • DIY adjustable output vehicle power supply (boost charger). Provide 12V input, the output voltage can be continuously adjusted from 14V to 35V (output voltage cannot be lower than the input voltage).
  • Universal car laptop power supply. Provide 12V input, output voltage is adjustable to your notebook to work. Can easily drive dual-core or quad-core notebooks at 19V and >6A output current.
  • Power supply for your electronic devices, as long as the voltage is adjusted to the voltage and does not exceed the module’s rated current.

Note: Set the output voltage to the desired level using a voltmeter before connecting it to your equipment or load.

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