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MT3608 2V-28V Micro-USB Step Up Boost Power Supply Voltage Converter Module

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MT3608 2V-28V Micro-USB Step Up Boost Power Supply Voltage Converter ModuleThe MT3608 Boost DC-DC voltage regulator is a constant frequency, current-mode step-up converter intended for small, low power applications. It features a Micro USB input connector to easily power the module by simply plugging it into a standard 5V USB power supply or power bank. It also includes input solder pads so it can also be powered by any 2V to 24V DC power supply.

The MT3608 device switches at 1.2MHz and allows the use of tiny, low-cost capacitors and inductors to minimize the overall module size. Internal soft-start circuitry results in small inrush current and extends battery life.

It features automatic shifting to pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode at light loads, and includes under-voltage lockout, current limiting, and thermal overload protection to prevent damage in the event of an output overload.

MT3608 MicroUSB Pinout
MT3608 MicroUSB Schematic


  • Input voltage: +5V USB, or 2VDC ~ 24VDC
  • Maximum output voltage: 26V (Output voltage must be greater than input voltage)
  • Maximum output current: 2A
  • Maximum output power (Volts * Amps): 10 Watts
  • Maxiumum efficiency: Up to 97%, typically 93% at Vout=12V, Vin=5V, Iout=200mA
  • Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 7 mm (1.2 x 0.7 x 0.24 inches)

Operating Instructions:

  • Connect the module to a +5V USB power supply or USB power bank through the micro USB connector, or attach Vin+ and Vin- to a +2V to +24V DC power supply.
  • Connect the Vout+ and Vout- to an appropriate load.
  • Adjust the potentiometer to vary the output voltage. Turn counter-clockwise to increase voltage. Upon initial operation, several counter-clockwise turns of the pot are needed to achieve a boosted output voltage.
  • Input voltage should not exceed 24V.
  • Output voltage should not exceed 26V.
  • Output voltage level must be greater than input voltage level.
  • The peak output current should be limited to 2A maximum and output power should be limited to 10 Watts.

Note: The laws of physics apply to this module. The input power must be greater than the output power, plus ~10% for conversion losses. For example, if your output requirement is 12V at 1/2A (6W), and your input voltage is 3V, then the input current must be at least 2.2A: 6W / 3V = 2A + 10% = 2.2A input current.

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