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15A 6V-90V Pulse Width Modulated PWM DC Motor Speed Controller / Regulator

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15A 6V-90V Pulse Width Modulated PWM DC Motor Speed Controller / RegulatorThis DC Motor Speed Controller controls the speed of a DC motor using a Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) DC voltage with a duty cycle continuously adjustable from 0%-100% with a panel-mount potentiometer which is included with the module.

The duty cycle can also be controlled by a 0-5V analog control signal in place of the potentiometer.

The motor speed controller can provide a continuous current of 15A to your DC motor or other DC load. The module includes a user-replaceable board-mounted 15A fuse to protect the motor and controller from overcurrent conditions.  


  • Input supply voltage: 6V – 90V DC
  • Maximum output power: 1000W
  • Maximum continuous output current: 15A
  • Overload and short circuit protection current (fuse): 15A
  • Static Current: 0.005 A ( Standby )
  • PWM frequency: 15kHz
  • Duty Cycle: 0%-100% continuously adjustable via the potentiometer, or with a 0-5V analog control signal
  • Operating environment temperature: -20°c to 40°c
  • Size (L*W*H): 64mm x 59mm x 27mm / 2.5″ x 2.3″ x 1.1″(approx)
  • Net weight: 69g


  1. Turn the potentiometer fully counter-clockwise.
  2. Connect a DC power supply with a voltage between 6V and 90V at up to 15A to the + and – terminals marked Power.
  3. Connect a DC motor to the + and – terminals marked Motor.
  4. Control the motor speed with the potentiometer.


  1. This controller cannot be used with BRUSHLESS motors.
  2. It is not reverse-polarity protected and will be damaged if connected to the supply voltage with the wrong polarity. Double-check all connections before applying power and always turn off the power supply before making any wiring changes.

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