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Red Laser Bore Sighter

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Red Laser Bore SighterThis universal precision Laser Boresighter comes with 4 different bore adapters to fit any 0.22 to 0.50 caliber pistol or rifle. Select and adjust the proper barrel adapter, slide into the barrel and center the scope crosshairs or iron sights on the red dot. Lightweight and durable with a long sighting range., this laser bore sighter provides for quick and accurate sighting of any rifle or handgun Sights (Iron, Optical, Laser, Holographic, Etc).

Laser Bore Sighter Exploded View

Battery Installation

The sighter uses three LR44 (also called AG13) batteries installed with the + side toward the pin of the battery holder as shown below.

To install the battery holder in the device, unscrew the top cap and drop the battery holder into the opening with the pin of the battery holder toward the barrel rod of the sighter.

Turning the Laser On and Off

Laser OFF

NOTE: With the laser fully screwed down, it can be difficult to rotate the battery case. It is easiest to unscrew the top a few turns to loosen it, then turn the laser on or off by rotating the battery case, then tightening the top again.

The Laser is turned on and off by rotating (rolling) the battery holder to line up the convex point of the battery holder with the concave point of the bore sighter body.

Laser ON

To turn the laser off, rotate the battery case so the convex part of the battery case is rotated to the back of the bore sighter, so the pin extending from the battery case is exposed.

To turn the Laser on, rotate (roll) the battery case until the convex part of the battery case is exposed and lines up with the concave part of the bore sighter.

Installing the Bore Adapter

Before using the laser bore sighter, an adapter must be installed on the end of the bore rod. Select the correct adapter for the caliber of the firearm (see the table below). First, screw the screw (included) onto the adapter, then screw it into the bore rod using the included screws. As the adapter is tightened, it will flare out. Adjust the adapter by tightening or loosening the screw so that it fits slightly snug into the barrel.

Adapter SizeCaliber
#1 (Smallest).220 to .270
#2.280 to .349
#3.350 to .434
#4 (Largest).435 to .500
Barrel adapter attached to end of bore rod

Aligning Your Sight

The laser light emitted from the laser bore sighter travels in a straight line while the bullet follows a trajectory. Use of this device will get your firearm sighting very close, however, final adjustment should be made at the range.



Install an adapter on the bore sighter for the caliber of the firearm as described above.

Turn the laser on as described above.

Slide the bore sighter rod into the barrel until the tapered end of the bore sighter is seated firmly against the end of the barrel. This aligns it with the center axis of the barrel.

Scoped Firearms

From 50 to 100 yards (will need to be indoors or under subdued light), no compensation for the offset of the scope and barrel should be necessary. Just adjust your crosshairs to align with the laser dot. Shorter distances will need to be compensated for by measuring the approximate distance between the center of your barrel and the center of the scope. Place the laser dot on the center of a target and adjust the crosshairs so they are the same distance above the center of the target and laser dot.

Iron Sight Firearms

Adjust the sights to place the projected laser dot on top of the front sight blade. The distance for sighting iron sights is not nearly as critical as it is with scopes, however, the greater the distance, the greater the accuracy.

WARNING: The laser is aligned at the factory. Unless realigning it is necessary DO NOT adjust the four hex key screws around the laser, as this will invalidate the factory calibration.

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