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IRF520 24V MOSFET Driver Module

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IRF520 24V MOSFET Driver ModuleThese IRF520 Driver/Switch breakout modules can be controlled by the 5V logic level of an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other MCU, and switch up to 24V to drive loads such as LED lights, DC motors, miniature pumps, solenoid valves and other devices that cannot be driven by the lower voltage outputs of the micro-controller.

They can also be used as a PWM for LED dimming and to control variable speed motors.  


  • Size: 33mm x 24mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Control Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
  • Control Ports: Digital Level
  • Output load voltage: 0-24V
  • Output load current: <5A (Above 1A continuous requires adding a heat sink to the IRF520 MOSFET. Heat sink is not included)


Connect the power for the device you want to control to the Vin and GND connectors. Connect the device you want to power to the V+ and V- screw terminals. When using an Arduino, typically the SIG line is connected to a PWM output pin. Vcc is not used.  

When the SIG line is HIGH, the onboard LED illuminates, and the GND is ‘connected’ to the V-. When the SIG line is LOW, the LED turns off, and the GND becomes ‘disconnected’ from the V-. The V+ and Vin are continuously connected.

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