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D1 Mini Relay Shield WeMos

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D1 Mini Relay Shield WeMosThis D1 Mini Relay Shield is a digital switch to control much higher voltages and currents than your D1 Mini microcontroller can. Controlled by the D1 mini, the relay will switch to allow current to flow or turn off, depending on your wiring.

The circuitry of the Relay Shield is set up so that the coil (control side) of the relay is connected between 5V and the collector terminal of a transistor.  The base of the transistor is connected to Pin D1 of the D1 Mini board so that the state of the transistor, and hence, the state of the relay coil, can be turned ON and OFF based on whether the pin is at a HIGH (3.3VDC) or LOW (0VDC, ground) voltage, controlled in the code running on the ESP8266.


  • Polarity: Active High – you must set pin D1 to high to switch this device ON
  • Relay Max Switching Voltage: 250 Volts AC
  • Relay Max Switching: Current: 10 Amps AC
  • Size: 28mm x 26mm x 17mm L x W x H
D1 Mini Relay Shield Dimensions

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