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Arduino-Compatible Pro Micro ATMEGA32U4 5V 16MHZ Microcontroller

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Arduino Pro MicroThe Pro Micro is similar to the Pro Mini except it uses an  ATmega32U4 rather than an ATmega328 microcontroller on board. The USB transceiver inside the 32U4 incorporates USB connectivity on-board and does away with a bulky external USB interface.

This tiny micro-controller board does all of the Arduino tricks that you’re familiar with: 4 channels of 10-bit ADC, 5 PWM pins, 12 DIOs as well as hardware serial connections for Rx and Tx.

There is a voltage regulator on board so it can accept voltage up to 12VDC. If you’re supplying unregulated power to the board, be sure to connect to the “RAW” pin on not VCC.


  • ATMega 32U4 running at 5V/16MHz
  • Supported by Arduino IDE v1.0.1 and up
  • On-Board Micro USB connector for programming
  • 4 x 10-bit ADC pins
  • 12 x Digital I/Os (5 are PWM capable)
  • Rx and Tx Hardware Serial Connections

Before using this board, you may need to install the Windows Drivers, and the Pro Micro support to the Arduino IDE Board Manager. To do so:

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